CMMS testimony of Sanofi

Sanofi Aventis in Spain recommends the DIMO Maint’s application to all industrial plants looking for an initial approach to CMMS and wanting to improve their in-house processes.

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The group

The Sanofi-aventis group is one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and top leader in Europe, as well as Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico.

With head office in Paris, the group is present in 110 countries, has 82 industrial plants and almost 100 000 employees throughout world (55 000 in Europe, 16 000 in the United States and 29 000 in other countries).

Sanofi-aventis Spain’s vision is to be one of the 3 most important, sustainable and profitable leaders in the health market, both patient-focused and customer-oriented. The Spanish subsidiary has more than 1 600 employees. Head offices are in Barcelona, with a reprensentative sales and corporate office based in Madrid.

The Company has 2 industrial centres, one based in the Madrid suburb of Alcorcon and the other in Riells i Viabrea (Girona), plus a distribution centre in Leganés. In total, more than 52 000 m2 of developed area places sanofi-aventis as leader in pharmaceutical production facilities in Spain.

Objectives of the CMMS implementation project

To manage unscheduled corrective actions on packaging and manufacturing equipment and also facilitate planning of all activities for the annual preventative and non-urgent corrective action plan, Production Engineering Department Manager Mr Joaquin Sanchez decided to implement a tool which enables :

  • Traceability of maintenance procedures as established by GMPs and retrieval of this information in the event of any incident,
  • A system which helps to define a KPI for noting efficiency of Maintenance Department work,
  • Elimination of maintenance requests transmitted in hard copy format by the Production department.

DIMO Maint : choosing simplicity

After appropriate market analysis and very thorough consultation of service and equipment providers, DIMO Maint presented itself as the most suitable solution for the company’s need.
« The main criteria for choosing DIMO Maint’s solution were ease of implementation, the functional and technological features of the software and great value for money. » recalls Mr Sanchez.

Thanks to an efficient training, users can quickly get used to the software and adapt their ways of working.

  • Become accustomed to recording everything that is done,
  • Adapt to and follow the new flow of requests from the Production department,
  • Fulfil the new flow of requests for spare parts.

Expectations met

« Today, we are convinced that DIMO Maint was the right choice. » states Mr Sanchez.
He also points out the many advantages of the implemented software :

  • Simplification of processes by eliminating hard copy requests,
  • History available for all maintenance procedures on production equipment,
  • Better control of spare part inventories,
  • Improvements to maintenance service level from process to production.

« We have information available about the effectiveness of maintenance work and we gain in productivity with each passing day. »

« The highly professional responsiveness of the entire Dimo Maint team made for rapid and efficient implementation. I can recommend the DIMO Maint’s application to all industrial plants looking for an initial approach to CMMS and wanting to improve their in-house processes. »