The Lagos Sheraton Hotel chooses DIMO Maint to manage its infrastructures.

The Lagos Sheraton : an oasis of comfort and elegance

Close to Murtala Muhammed international airport, the Lagos Sheraton Hotel is located on the road leading to the economical centre of the country that are Ikoi, Victoria Island, and Lekki. Built in the early 1980s and spread over 8 floors, the hotel features 332 rooms, an outdoor pool, a fitness centre, a nightclub, and 4 restaurants. The hotel also has a new business centre with 5 conferences rooms.

The challenge of a well managed maintenance

« When I arrived in October 2012, the Lagos Sheraton Hotel had no history on the tasks carried out by the 55 employees of the maintenance department. When has the boiler been serviced ? By whom ? Which part has been changed ?» remembers Jean-Luc Turmel, technical director of the establishment.
Rich from all his experiences in various hotels of the Starwood group, he decided, upon taking office at the Lagos Sheraton Hotel, to acquire a maintenance management solution in order to :

  • Track the major corrective maintenance tasks, ensure the most important work on the facilities : air-conditioning, plant, water treatment plant, swimming pool, etc
  • Put in place preventive maintenance to ensure security on essential parts : air treatment units, boilers, generators, etc.
  • Ensure the traceability and preserve the history of tasks.

DIMO Maint : the ideal solution for hôtel maintenance

Building on the successful implementation of the DIMO Maint’s software at the Bora Bora Méridien Hotel in 2001 and at the Ibom Méridien Hotel in Nigeria in 2007, Jean Luc Turmel confirms his confidence in the DIMO Maint publisher without any hesitation to fit the Nigerian hotel

DIMO Maint’s solution meets his threefold requirement. The first concerns the usability and simplicity of use.. In Africa, the maintenance technicians are often uninitiated IT users and are therefore not able to enter data directly into the software. The second concerns the speed of deployment of the software.

You can create a work order from the first day of installation. Data can be entered over the days without impeding the smooth running of the application. Finally, the investment is amortised in less than 12 months. The cost of the solution is largely offset by savings related, for instance, to the increase of life duration of some equipment sometimes very costly.
The first step, which is essential to the success of the project, lies in the creation of the tree of the equipment to be maintained.
« From personal experience, I try to use the terminology used by the employees of the hotel to populate the tree of equipment. It is then far easier to understand each other. I restrict the tree to 4 levels, to simplify the browsing. A hotel of this type averages 400 to 500 property to maintain. After 6 months of use, 420 equipment are already populated» says Jean-Luc Turmel.

The implementation of preventive maintenance is facilitated by the possibility to create Preventive Maintenance (PM) tasks in DIMO Maint’s solution, documented per equipment. You can also associate the file of spare parts from the supplier or even a subcontract to the PM.

The PM generates a work order automatically at the desired frequency (3 months, 6 months, 1 year) or according to the periodicity of the meters (every 1,000 hours for a generator).

The hotels of the Starwood group must also carry out an annual regulatory inspection (12 control points every quarter) relating to electricity and more generally to the security of the building. The instructions of the group are attached to each PM.

How does it work on daily basis ?

DIMO Maint’s solution will enable to enter all the work carried out on the equipment. 

Within the Lagos Sheraton Hotel, work orders to be carried out (to do) are allocated to the technicians at the beginning of the week. In order to limit the number of orders, Jean-Luc Turmel collects all the maintenance tasks to be performed at the same floor on the same work order.

The work order switches to the status in progress once allocated.

The maintenance reports come back completed and signed by the technician or the supervisor at the end of the week. They are then closed. For some equipment such as boilers and in order to anticipate the costly failures, it is possible to create task lists, namely 20 to 30 points to check on one type of equipment.

A maintenance budget mastered

Although the implementation of DIMO Maint’s solution is still recent to the Lagos Sheraton Hotel, Jean-Luc Turmel knows well from experience that a regularly and well carried out audit can save 5 more years to some machines.

In addition to gains regarding the equipment sustainability, DIMO Maint’s solution enables to reduce the cost of spare parts stocks through better management of replenishment.

« You should know that the maintenance budget of an hotel in Africa represents 5 to 6% of turnover. It is therefore imperative for the management that everything works fine, in order to ensure guests’ satisfaction, security and comfort. »

In conclusion, DIMO Maint’s solution is an essential business application for the maintenance management of a hotel.