CMMS testimony of TNT Express France

DIMO Maint at the center of the new maintenance policy of TNT Express France.


TNT Express : a global leader in express transport of goods

TNT Express (77,000 employees, 7,327 billion Euro in 2012) ensures the delivery of a million parcels daily, from simple document to palletised freight. Installed in 63 countries, TNT Express uses the power of its local and international networks, by air and by road, to serve more than 200 countries.

Above all TNT Express is the French No.1 in express delivery to companies. 4800 employees ensure the daily processing of 370 000 parcels for more than 52 000 companies.

The company has an extensive and comprehensive network of about 120 sorting centres and warehouses in France, to be close to their customers.

At the beginning of a change in the maintenance policy…

Historically, TNT Express France have always outsourced the maintenance of their buildings and their operational equipment. The assessment of the subcontracting policy carried out in 2001 showed however many dissatisfactions :

  • A high cost of more than €700 000 for the preventive maintenance of operational equipment carried out by 6 technicians only,
  • Building maintenance operations managed locally by the 120 sites without regional or national negotiation.
  • Difficulty monitoring the services carried out in the absence of on-site or regional technician.
  • No control of the relevance of work : regarding the basic week, the supplier makes the decision by himself about the parts to be replaced or the work to be carried out.

A Signe objective : improve the efficiency of the maintenance while reducing the costs.

Following the failure of the negotiations with the existing service provider and the unsuccessful conclusion of a tender from new suppliers, TNT Express France decided in September 2011 to internalise the maintenance functions and entrusted the mission of creating a Maintenance Department to Alain Baud.

In three months, he recruited and trained a team of 14 experienced people including 12 technicians, shared out between 9 sectors. The Department is thus entrusted with two missions : the preventive and corrective maintenance of the operational equipment, associated to the maintenance of the buildings.

Alain Baud says :

  • « The success of this new organisation was based necessarily on the implementation of a unified CMMS system, in order to :
    Ensure the monitoring of all corrective and preventive maintenance tasks,
    Build a documented database and capitalise on experience feedback,
    Easily get accurate statistics on the activity. »

DIMO Maint : the choice of deployment speed and of ease of use

The Maintenance Director studied the market of CMMS solutions and concentrated his final choice on the basis of two main criteria :

  • Speed of deployment
  • Ease of use

Alain Baud explains : « We needed to deploy the solution very quickly and get a full acceptance of the tool by the technicians. Only DIMO Maint’s solution was able to adapt to our specific business characteristics and meet all our functional needs. The installation too place in late November, the 3-day training in early December, an the production start-up on 1 January 2012.»

Even if the equipment tree was very basic at the beginning, it expanded over time. After one year of, 5200 equipment (roller conveyors, cold rooms…) was populated for 60 of the sites to be maintained. One of the first objectives of the project was to identify all the service requests relating to both buildings and operational resources.

With an average of nearly 25 requests per day, the application stores 5.450 SRs after one year. Technicians log on to DIMO Maint’s solution every morning and are notified in real time of the work orders that are assigned to them. They can on their own optimise their work, consolidate multiple BTs, and thus carry out several maintenance tasks on a same site.
Once the service report is finalised, the maintenance manager closes the WO on his workstation.

A decrease by 12% of the maintenance costs after one year of use

We would not have been able to work and get an operational efficiency level of the new team so quickly without DIMO Maint’s. It must be said that we were starting from scratch. We would have been quickly overwhelmed with the number of operations and the action monitoring. Today, all data are centralised and the organisation of the activity is much more flexible, reactive, and profitable. » says Alain Baud.

The first assessment after one year of use is positive.

Indeed, the management have noticed a decrease in maintenance costs by 12%, while having increased the number of parcels processed.
Other deployment prospects of DIMO Maint’s CMMS are already considered in 2013. The next steps will be to finalise the tree, document the technical database, integrate the management of spare parts, and develop the preventive maintenance.