CMMS testimony of TOTAL

The TOTAL Africa Middle East Branch places the easy-to-use DIMO Maint’s CMMS software at the centre of the maintenance homogenising policy of its Refining-Marketing division. More than 33 subsidiaries already use the DIMO Maint’s solutions.

TOTAL, a global oil and gas group

Fifth largest publicly-traded integrated international oil and gas company and a world-class chemicals manufacturer, TOTAL operates in more than 130 countries, employs 97,000 people, and generated sales of 180,000 million in 2008. It conducts activities in all segments of the oil and gas industry, through its activities in the upstream and downstream businesses.

The downstream business covers all the refining and marketing activities of petroleum products (fuels, fuels and specialties, LPG, lubricants, etc.) but also the sale (Trading) and maritime transport (Shipping) of these products.

In the heart of a network of nearly 16,425 service stations around the world, the TOTAL Africa Middle East Branch operates more than 4,000 stations in more than 40 countries.

Due to several specific characteristics, the management of the network operated by the 43 local subsidiaries become more complex:

  • Multi-site configuration,
  • Difference in the size of the networks, ranging from a few service stations to more than 500 points of sale
  • The difference of management mode of the heritage, either under franchise agreements, or in sole ownership (TOTAL owns the buildings and the business) and the level of contractual involvement of the group in the maintenance of the infrastructures.

Towards a uniform Group maintenance policy

In connection with the cooperation between TOTAL Fina and Elf in 2000, the group’s IT department questioned all the information systems. A reflection was also started Overseas on good practice of maintenance management, and set as main goals :

  • The implementation of common tools among the various subsidiaries, in order to avoid specific developments,
  • The design of a most common database structure,
  • The achievement of maintenance services by subcontractors, as the core business of TOTAL’s Marketing division is not to provide directly maintenance of their assets.

The Group selected a well-known commercial solution, but encountered serious difficulties as regards the implementation within the pilot subsidiaries. Indeed, the heterogeneity in the size of the subsidiaries and the low level of computer knowledge of users represent a significant limitation with respect to the easy deployment of the solution. So in 2003, the first pilot subsidiaries stopped with an admission of failure.

Therefore, it was essential to move towards a simple and easy to use solution.

Selection and deployment at Group level of the easy-to-use CMMS software.

After consultation with the various players in the market, the Project team selected DIMO Maint’s solution, due to:

  • The ability to go upmarket: perfect coverage of the need for small subsidiaries and possibility to evolve towards a multi-site network version,
  • Its low cost of acquisition. The technical part of the Africa Middle East project was managed at start-up from Headquarters by the Logistics Department, mainly in charge of the work in lubricants depots and plants.

Service stations, small units in fact, were monitored almost completely by the subsidiaries and, as they were considered as autonomous, they often simply applied the instructions issued by Headquarters. So, only a few motivated subsidiaries as Tunisia or Morocco passed orders in 2004; Others left the activity out of account.

In 2007, a new round of equipping began through the creation of a dedicated Network post of technical coordinator attached to the Business Development Department of Headquarters, which needed information on the technical activities of the Africa Middle East subsidiaries, and therefore needed to collect data.

Thierry Le Gallo, Retail Engineering and Maintenance Manager, with 4 years’ maintenance experience in France, then 5 years in Europe, set 2 priority objectives:

  1. Compliance with the regulations and security :
  • Getting adequate information to identify the equipment to be controlled;
  • Assisting the subsidiaries regarding les filiales control and regulations (control of underground networks, etc.)
  1. Availability of equipment :
  • Tracing and getting relevant information to establish analyses,
  • Increasing the equipment profitability, optimising the facilities, and getting the highest availability/cost ratio.

Promising results

To this day, more than 33 subsidiaries spread over Africa, Middle East, and the Caribbean use DIMO Maint’s solutions.

In their daily operation, the subsidiaries are able to receive the work requests, to trace them, to monitor the achievement of maintenance, to preserve the history, and hence to manage the providers.

At the Branch level, Thierry Le Gallo further encourages the subsidiaries to further deploy DIMO Maint’s solutions, despite the reluctance of some subsidiaries, either too small to consider necessary to keep trace of their maintenance operations, or too big to find interesting to complement their management by a specific business tool.

It also ensures the sustainability of the project by assessing the implementation of good practices, by measuring the level of knowledge, and by managing uniformly the requests for product updates issued by the various subsidiaries.

He is also exploring the possibility of putting in place consolidated dashboards and measurement indicators to get a comprehensive picture of the maintenance activity and associated budgets.