CMMS video testimonial TNT Express France

TNT Express France video testimonial

TNT Express France has structured its maintenance department thanks to DIMO Maint’s CMMS solutions. Discover their experience feedback in less than 3 minutes:

Alain Baud – Maintenance manager at TNT Express France : “TNT is one of the global leaders in express parcel transport services and has 77 000 employees worldwide and 4800 in France. I wanted to structure the activity around a CMMS software, since it seemed to us that it was the best tool to manage our requests on a daily basis.”


Sonia Boukhateb – Maintenance Manager assistant – TNT express France : “Part of my job is to manage the maintenance work requests that we receive by e-mail, I then enter them in the DIMO Maint software. The application enables us to generate work orders, that we will assign either the maintenance technician, depending on the work load of our technicians, or the service area.”


Alain Baud – Maintenance manager : “We created TNT’s Maintenance department in 2012 ; I definitely wanted to have a CMMS software to structure the activity around it. The first constraint was a very short deployment time. Thus, only the DIMO Maint solution has enabled us to comply with this very tight schedule, because the software is very user friendly, easy to install and use.”


Patrick Sirolli – Maintenance Technician : “The work requests are entered by Sonia who sends them to us on our smartphone. We consult them to know what is to be completed, to centralize the requests if the sites are close together, and to be able to optimize the quality of our work for the company. Using the DIMO Maint solution is essential for the quality of our work, but also for the communication and the organization of our rounds in the TNT centers.”


Sonia Boukhateb – Maintenance Manager assistant : “The tool enables us to monitor our ongoing and completed requests. We have had a three-day only training period and we were able afterwards to easily work with the software, which is intuitive and easy to use.”


Alain Baud – Maintenance manager at TNT Express France : “The implementation of the software had 2 objectives :

  • to reduce the maintenance costs
  • to Improve the department’s efficiency

we also had a business imperative : make gains in the first year. Thanks to DIMO Maint, we have earned €580,000 in the first year. i.e. saving of 12% of maintenance costs. We also had an organization imperative, since we have 100 sites throughout France with 12 travelling technicians. DIMO Maint is a solution that allows us to have more flexible, more responsive, and more cost effective maintenance activity.”