DIMO Maint's approach to security

To meet the needs of its 3,500 customers worldwide in terms of data security, DIMO Maint has embarked on a Security initiative and is in the process of obtaining ISO 27 001 certification for information security, accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of information and data.


Hélène CHARLIER, Manager of the Quality and Security Management System

ISO 27001 Certification objective

“When our customers want to implement their cloud-based solutions, the question of security always comes to the fore. With ISO 27001 certification, which attests that our Cloud services comply with the ISO 27001 standard, one of the highest security standards recognized worldwide, customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Cloud while keeping the highest level of security applied to their most sensitive information.”

The benefits of DIMO Maint’s Security Initiative

Implementing the Information Security Management System (by implementing appropriate measures, grouping together rules, processes, procedures, organizational structures, hardware and software functions) allows us to :

  • Draw up a policy and objectives in terms of information security,
  • Define the process for implementing the policy,
  • Determine the objectives to be attained and control them.