DIMO Maint : the guarantee of a successful project !

The success of your projects will naturally depend on the choice of a product suitable for the company’s present and future needs, but also a personalized and progressive integration process.

So we offer you a methodological approach to project implementation and management.

Franck GESSAY, Consulting Manager DIMO Maint

« A CMMS software solution is designed to structure processes and respond to growing needs in terms of company reporting and analysis. Before actually selecting a software solution, it is necessary to precisely describe your needs and consult the technicians who work with you, as these are the first users and the ones who are the most affected on a daily basis.

Far from being insignificant, draft project services allow the company to define in detail the technological and functional scope of the solution sought after, and as close as possibility to its real needs. They also ensure that the company will be able to draw up a very concrete set of specifications, perfectly suited to the needs of users.

Another key point – and not the least important – the company should dedicate a CMMS project team that will be available and fully involved in it. In my view, it is also vital to include future users of the solution upstream of the project, so they can make their needs and expectations known and take ownership of the project.

Preparation of the project proves to be essential to its success. The same goes for project management and user training. »


Step 1 :
Running the project

  • Identify the people involved in the project
  • Define the exact scope of the project
  • Stress the organizational, technical and functional imperatives
  • Emphasize what is at stake
  • Get an overview of the project

Step 2 :

  • Ensure that the DIMO Maint CMMS modules are available and have been secured in accordance with the prerequisites

Step 3 :
Administrator Training

  • Analyze the existing situation
  • Identify the detailed requirements
  • Draw up the preparatory work prior to setting
  • Make the settings in compliance with the specifications
  • Accept the solution implemented
  • Transfer the competence to the administration

Step 4 :
Data Recovery

  • Performe data recovery
  • Accept the re-encoded data

Step 5 :
Software Interfaces

  • Automate file Exchange between CMMS and other software

Step 6 :
Adaptation of statuses and analyses

  • Customize print-out type documents or analyses of the DIMO Maint CMMS solution to meet the needs and special requirements of users.

Step 7 :

  • Ensure transfer of competence adapted to the needs expressed and according to profile : Technicians, Warehousing or Buyers
  • Provide support for the change
  • Be present at the start-up

Step 8 :
Project Management

  • Regularly review progress and compliance with the schedule
  • Measure any discrepancy in the project and investigate the causes.
  • Ensure compliance with the commitments made by the parties.

DIMO Maint supports you throughout all the phases of your project

DIMO Maint offers a tailor-made needs analysis service right up until the start of production. Our team of business experts will assist you throughout the life of your project, offering :

  • Assistance,
  • Advice,
  • Training.

Proven methodology

Depending on the scope of your project, some steps are optional such as data recovery and the implementation of interfaces, functional development or assistance at the start of production.
Each step is described in a DIMO Maint Quality Assurance Plan and ensures complete transparency of the service provided by DIMO Maint staff, the organization of the various stages of the project between each other and the related deliverables.