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Gain peace of mind and autonomy in the use of our CMMS software thanks to our customer support tailored to your needs.

One goal: customer’s satisfaction

Making your digital transformation a success and guaranteeing a sustainable satisfaction from your customers is at the heart of our daily concerns.

It is therefore important for DIMO Maint to create a privileged way to accompany you throughout your CMMS project.

Let our experts guide you!

One goal: your customer satisfaction
Measured customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction score in 2022: 8/10
Average marks given by our customers in 2022 regarding the resolution of their assistance requests.

A team of CMMS experts at your service

A team of CMMS experts at your service

The French customer support team is divided between Nantes and Lyon. Together they are able to provide assistance in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and German.

  • 96% of our clients recommended this service
  • An office on each of the 4 continents: Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe
  • 9 CMMS specialists

To always ensure a qualitative and local service, we have set up a support center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and one in Toronto, Canada. We also rely on our network of certified partners around the world.

DIMO Maint’s expert technicians will help you master our solutions, namely DIMO Maint MX, DIMO Maint OM, MM, and OptiMaint.

Mutual support between each of our stakeholders is essential to the smooth running of our customer service. This is why we have chosen to work in a collaborative and agile manner.

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Agility, when applied as a work organization and team building tool, increases our efficiency in our daily tasks. Communication and the active involvement of participants are the pillars of business agility, and help us efficiently process our customers’ tickets. Internally, we can progress as individuals, while collectively, we can develop a team culture in which mutual assistance and knowledge sharing are key values.
This virtuous circle starts and ends with one goal in mind: the satisfaction of our customers. 

Fabrice Campoy, Support Manager – DIMO Maint

A single point of entry for all your inquiries

Whether you have chosen the CMMS solution DIMO Maint MX, DIMO Maint OM, OptiMaint or DIMO Maint MM, you can access your online customer area.

To contact our customer service department, log on directly to

  • The possibility of submitting your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Rapid contact with the DIMO Maint customer support team
  • Real-time monitoring of the processing of your ongoing or completed requests
  • Traceability of every exchange (e-mail, intervention report, etc.)
A single point of entry for all your requests

Customer Care: a step beyond customer service

The DIMO Maint customer support has been developed around a concrete philosophy. Unlike a simple hotline, our customer service provides various individualized services with high added value to allow you to become more and more autonomous in the control of your CMMS solution.

Welcome support

The Welcome Support

Your transition to production will be validated by a call from the support team. Internally, we have termed this call the Welcome Support Call.

Its purpose is to review your project and verify that your credentials at are working. The expert who will be with you during the call will introduce you to the software, explain the role of the Support Team, and answer your first questions.

If some of your requests cannot be resolved within the framework of your contract, Tick’Helps will be offered.

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The Tick'Help

Tick’help is a complementary service to your maintenance contract. It enables you to enlist the help of a CMMS expert for an additional training session or additional parameterizations, for example.

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Remote support

Remote control

We have the possibility to act very quickly on your applications thanks to the remote control functionality.

This advantageous solution saves precious time. Fast, confidential, but above all very simple, the remote control allows for secure operations on your computer environment without physically moving to your site.

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TMA third-party application maintenance

TAM: third-party application maintenance

Are you looking for a complete outsourcing offer for the maintenance of all or part of your CMMS architecture? We have developed an adapted solution: the third-party application maintenance, or TAM.

TAM allows you to formalize and preserve the knowledge generated during a project, but also to maintain your CMMS in operational condition. It allows you to deal with anomalies, various incidents, simple corrective and evolutionary maintenance operations, user support, etc.

DIMO Maint’s commitments are simple: to respect the deadlines from the moment a request is accepted to its being processed and solved, and regular communication on the activities carried out.

TAM services can be tailored to your needs, and according to the solutions you use.

The benefits of TAM are numerous:

  • Ensures continuity of services for your CMMS applications
  • Increases your reactivity and frees yourself from maintenance constraints
  • Preserves knowledge with a dedicated team behind your technical and functional architecture
  • Improves satisfaction of your CMMS users
  • Manages resources with flexibility
  • Controls maintenance costs
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DIMO Maint: the guarantee of a successful CMMS project

Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We are fully committed to the deployment of your CMMS project and to support you in the event of issues tied to the solution utilization.

This philosophy has led us to position ourselves among the major CMMS players in France and internationally.

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