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Work order management: what are the evaluation criteria?

In order to know how to improve your maintenance, you must first identify key indicators (or KPI). These KPIs will allow you to evaluate your management of work orders.

But how does one evaluate good work order management? And what are the relevant evaluation criteria?

Management of maintenance interventions - what are the evaluation criteria
The effectiveness of interventions

The effectiveness of maintenance works

Maintenance works’ effectiveness is a direct consequence of the maintenance team’s performance.

Maintenance frequency, quality, and team satisfaction are criteria to consider when measuring the effectiveness of your works. One should also include the rate of preventive maintenance: the higher it is, the more technicians know how to anticipate breakdowns.

In particular, the adoption of the DIMO Maint CMMS will help you to improve this indicator.

Maintenance: asset availability

Asset availability during maintenance is another key indicator that represents how long an asset remains operational for. The higher the rate, the more available is that piece of equipment. Thanks to a simple calculation, one can easily derive the overall equipment effectiveness (or OEE) from this metric.

OEE is calculated as follows:

OEE = equipment fully productive time / equipment planned production time

maintenance equipment availability
maintenance equipment availability responsive

The relevance of maintenance

To measure the adequacy of your maintenance, you can use two different approaches:

The schedule loading rate

Ideally, the schedule loading rate should be as close to 100% as possible.

It is calculated as follows:

Schedule Loading = (Sum of Scheduled Hours / Sum of Available Hours) x 100

maintenance planning rate
maintenance planning rate mobile

The maintenance Schedule Compliance Rate

Similar to the Schedule Loading rate, the Maintenance Schedule Compliance Rate should aim for 100%.

It is simply calculated as follows:

Schedule Compliance = (Sum of Schedule Work Completed (Hours) / Sum of Scheduled Hours)
x 100

maintenance plan rate of achievement
maintenance plan rate of achievement mobile

The cost of maintenance works

As mentioned previously, the costs of maintenance works are often the metric that convinces management to acquire a CMMS solution.

They depend on a multitude of factors, such as the structure of your organization and your needs in maintenance. However, it is worth noting that your salaries are included, so the more time you spend on a maintenance work, the higher it costs.

How to improve intervention management

How to improve work order management

We have shown that you can optimize your efficiency with a CMMS by first identifying key factors and then using them to pinpoint areas for improvement.

We will now focus on the direct benefits of CMMS in the management of work order.

Decrease the proportion of corrective actions

If the maintenance team appropriately feeds data back into the CMMS after each intervention, the stress generated by corrective maintenance will quickly decrease, as CMMS promote the establishment of a preventive maintenance plan to optimize production. Maintenance will then be, for the most part, planned in advance, and its management easier as a result.

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Improve maintenance scheduling

Thanks to CMMS, even the management of your maintenance scheduling will be optimized. Our DIMO Maint CMMS solutions help assign the right technician to each job, by taking into account the technician’s availability and competencies as well as the possibility of hiring external agents.

Improved scheduling leads to better maintenance.

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Paper-based work requests generated losses, processing delays, duplications, and other errors. Analyzing production stoppages was difficult and purchasing supplies by phone further complexified budgetary monitoring.

Yves Bernard, operations manager in charge of production, maintenance, and quality at
La Compagnie des Saveurs – France

Act with better knowledge of your assets

Our CMMS solution provides instant access to the breakdown and maintenance history of any asset, neatly presented in a fault tree. Thanks to our mobile extension, accessible via tablets or smartphones, all the documentation and explanatory diagrams you may need will remain available at all times and from anywhere, including the maintenance site.

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Capitalize on your technicians’ feedback

In maintenance, feedback is fundamental. Once a technician documents his actions into our CMMS solution, his experience will become permanently accessible to other technicians, thus reducing the time needed for similar problems in the future.

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CMMS uniformizes work practices

Work methodology is the oft-forgotten cornerstone for efficient and safe maintenance. Uniformized good practices improve maintenance, granting technicians:

Better access to parts in stocks.

Access to important safety instructions for a safe workplace

Technical advice for a smooth execution of the maintenance task.

Access to the requirements for compliance with regulatory standards, such as ISO, etc.

How can our solution simplify work order management?

Maintenance relies on four pillars, namely human, technological, material, and financial resources. Based on these essential building blocks, how can we improve the work order management?
The CMMS solutions proposed by DIMO Maint are designed to adapt to any type of organization. Our CMMS solution allows you to easily plan maintenance tasks by facilitating the allocation to a given task of:

  • certified competencies,
  • technicians who are available,
  • optimal material resources,
  • and identifying the best time to execute the maintenance operation.
What solution to simplify the management of maintenance interventions?

The DIMO Maint CMMS is an essential tool for the maintenance technician to:

Have all the information needed to quickly diagnose breakdowns.

Check the availability of spare parts.

Consult the contact details of external agents.

Reduce maintenance durations for both preventive and corrective maintenance.

Ensure his safety when working on any asset, infrastructure, or vehicle.

Consult, in case of doubt, the regulatory standards to meet the specifications.

DIMO Maint CMMS has been designed for maintenance technicians. Coupled with our mobile application accessible from tablets and smartphones, it enables them to:

  • visualize the general state of maintenance at a given time;
  • easily navigate its ergonomic interface, which was designed to accommodate non-tech-savvy workers;
  • receive real-time alerts for emergency maintenance;
  • view their personal schedule;
  • analyze the condition of the site and plan preventive maintenance;
  • and more…
The DIMO Maint CMMS was designed for maintenance technicians

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