The most intuitive CMMS to easily manage your maintenance works

Make your daily work easier and improve your operational efficiency with a simple, mobile, and intuitive work order management solution.

How is CMMS essential for work order management?

The availability of machines, vehicles, infrastructures, or assets in the broadest sense of the term is a significant concern for all organizations from all sectors of activity. After all, a breakdown can be very costly, paralyzing a production line, for example, or causing customer dissatisfaction in a service industry.

Therefore, efficient management of the work order management process is critical in all maintenance departments to prevent the risk of breakdowns.

Equipping yourself with a CMMS allows you to take a step towards preventive or even predictive maintenance and rely less and less on corrective maintenance.

Opting for a mobile CMMS also simplifies the process of managing work orders at all levels, for:

  • An easy and fast generation of contextualized work requests thanks to the QR Code or Bleam
  • A straightforward planning and assignment of maintenance work for the maintenance manager
  • The provision of important information to the technician
  • The diagnosis of the root causes of an issue
  • The production of maintenance report, facilitated with voice recording and photo-taking
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CMMS is essential for maintenance managers

Simplify your daily life and reduce stress!

Increase your operational efficiency

Improve your operational efficiency

Have all the information you need to take action even in disconnected mode.

Communicate in real time

Communicate in real-time

Provide full transparency on what has been done, by whom, when, how and what remains to be done.

Intervene in complete safety

Enjoy complete safety at work

Access the asset's maintenance history and other information ass well as maintenance task-lists.

Share your feedback

Share your experience feedback

Contribute to the improvement of experience feedback by conscientiously filling in the maintenance reports.

Ask for a personalized demonstration

Discover DIMO Maint CMMS and receive a personalized presentation remotely or on your site

DIMO Maint, the ideal CMMS to help you manage your maintenance works

The maintenance management model proposed by DIMO Maint CMMS always considers your organizational constraints and business requirements.
It offers comprehensive management of your maintenance activities, from preventive, corrective, conditional, regulatory, improvement maintenance to new works.

A web-based solution for planning and monitoring maintenance works

You can quickly review requests, rank them according to their priority, schedule, and organize the work of your maintenance technicians and external service providers from anywhere. Follow-up on maintenance works is simplified and conducted in real-time.
With no more oversights or task duplications, you may improve your reactivity and efficiency by:

  • Granting to all departments the possibility to create work requests in an intuitive and fun way via a data entry form.
  • Processing all requests from a clear and interactive screen.
  • Automatically notifying the requestor of the progression and outcome of their request.
  • Generate new work orders from a work request in just a few clicks.
  • Automating the planning of your preventive maintenance by selecting any number of automatic triggers (which may be periodic, aperiodic, or defined by a threshold or other measurements).
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A web-based solution for planning and monitoring interventions
app designed for field operations

A mobile application designed for the field

Whether in connected or disconnected mode, enjoy the CMMS essential features from your smartphone or tablet:

  • Create and consult work requests and follow their progression
  • Quickly generate a work order
  • Access task-lists and technical documents for each maintenance work
  • Control the in and out movements of spare parts in your stocks
  • Quickly dictate your maintenance reports thanks to voice recognition
  • Obtain the end customer’s signature directly on the maintenance site
  • Make inventorying easy
  • Organize rounds for meter reading and measurement


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A durable knowledge base

Many maintenance departments risk losing a large part of their know-how when “key roles” leave, for retirement, for example. When the succession is complicated, essential tasks may be compromised.

Thanks to work orders enriched with clear instructions, straightforward checklists, and operating procedures, technicians know how to carry out a maintenance work and do it efficiently.
CMMS solutions that contain the history of all the maintenance works offer an unequaled knowledge base of the asset to help streamline the integration and training of a new technician.

A sustainable knowledge base

More than just a tool to manage your maintenance

Benefit from all the functionalities of a scalable and straightforward CMMS solution:

cmms features dimo maint
cmms features dimo maint mobile

What maintenance technicians say about our CMMS

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