CMMS solution for the Education industry

A simple and intuitive CMMS for your students to understand and use
in your establishment’s maintenance management course.

Train your students in the implementation and use of CMMS

Learning CMMS is nowadays essential in students’ educational path in technical maintenance courses. Most industries are now equipped with this type of software, and there is a substantial increase in demand for the construction, medical, and transport sectors.

Offer your students the opportunity to be trained in the implementation and use of CMMS
Learning to use a CMMS tool and mastering it at the end of their university course is an asset

Learning to use a CMMS tool and mastering it by the end of their university studies is also an additional asset for future job searches. It will allow students to offer added value to their prospective employer by being quickly operational on an existing CMMS or having the competence to be involved in choosing and implementing a CMMS if the employer does not have one yet.

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A comprehensive and straightforward CMMS for students and institutions

To serve an educational purpose, the CMMS must be both complete in its functionalities and quick to learn. DIMO Maint is a CMMS software suitable for students. Our solution is ergonomic and easy to use: your students will be able to master it quickly while learning about CMMS in general, thanks to our solution’s comprehensive set of functionalities. The functionalities that can be covered by students in our CMMS solution for education include

A simple and complete CMMS for students and usable by institutions for their maintenance management

Organization of equipment in a tree structure

Optimization of maintenance parts and consumables inventory

Management of the maintenance work cycle for corrective maintenance

Budget monitoring

Elaboration of and follow-up on a preventive maintenance plan

Analysis of maintenance works and breakdowns to optimize maintenance

Other than being a learning tool for students, our software may also be used in the management of your establishment’s infrastructures and other assets such as teaching materials, security elements, buildings, refectories, etc. thanks to the following features:

Asset management

Asset management

Intervention management

Work order management




Key Indicators

Resource management

Resource management

Stock management

Stock management

Purchasing management

Purchase management

Budget management

Budget management

The CMMS will facilitate the follow-up of preventive and regulatory maintenance operations, mainly through the precise management of subcontracts, which are often numerous in schools that do not have a dedicated maintenance team on site.

“The emergence of digital tools is already a reality in production lines. We talk about the factory of the future, and in this context, the maintenance of industrial tools cannot be left behind. The IUT [University Institute of Technology] St Nazaire has understood this, with the Industrial Engineering and Maintenance department training future technicians. The Gim’Eole competition, in which DIMO Maint and Norgay are partners, brings together 23 IUTs in the region to work on urban wind turbines and will therefore be the playground for imagining “maintenance 4.0”.

Eric Suet – Head of Department –  IUT St Nazaire

A CMMS offer specially designed to meet the needs of schools

DIMO Maint is one of the only solutions of the market to propose an offer that can be integrated into the school curriculum for CMMS teaching and thus helps train the CMMS users of tomorrow. Our CMMS solution for schools is adapted to different needs:

A training package

A Training formula

intended for teachers for strictly educational use

An infrastructure package

An Infrastructure package

for school managers to monitor school and university infrastructure maintenance, premises, assets, etc.

We support your efforts to teach CMMS in your school program, whatever the field.

Among the 300 schools using the DIMO Maint CMMS

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