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The CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System is a management tool that tracks asset data, including maintenance history and their spare parts, and provides the maintenance department with quantified and historical data.
CMMS helps:

Simply connect to your customer extranet: https://www.supportdimo.com/ and submit your requests at any time of the week.

SaaS ("Software as a Service") is a service offered in Cloud Computing. It is an applicative software solution hosted and operated outside the organization by a third party, and accessible on-demand via Internet access. The use of the solution is invoiced in the form of an all-inclusive subscription covering all the services chosen by the customer.
Discover the SaaS/Cloud CMMS solution DIMO Maint MX.

The DIMO Maint MX CMMS offer is Cloud-based and comes with a fast and secure implementation and reasonable costs.
You can access all the solutions from our CMMS series in our hosting center through a URL from the browser of your computer.

To support the deployment of your CMMS at the international level, DIMO Maint relies on proven solutions available in more than 17 languages, multi-sites, and multi-currencies. As a multicultural company, DIMO Maint has carried out more than 1500 CMMS projects internationally.
Through an international network composed of more than 50 certified distributor partners (in Peru, Mexico, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast, New Caledonia, Australia, India, ...), DIMO Maint ensures local service and benefits from a precise knowledge of the local legislative, cultural, social and economic environment.
DIMO Maint provides 24-hour customer service in 4 languages via its online customer extranet and a localized service in America, Asia, and Europe.

Learn more about our CMMS solutions for international deployment.

Our Unicode, multi-company, multi-currency software solution is translated into 18 languages, namely French, English, Spanish, Catalan, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Slovak, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Thai, Czech, Vietnamese and Romanian. DIMO Maint efficiently sees through the deployment of its customers' international CMMS projects.

Cost will vary depending on the solution you choose, whether it is the On Premise DIMO Maint OM or the Cloud DIMO Maint MX.
In any case, there are four main costs to take into account:

  • the cost of the software and mobile application licenses,
  • the cost for commissioning and training administrators,
  • the cost from deployment services, including user training,
  • the cost of interfacing.

Which CMMS solution to choose?

To meet the requirements of our 4,000 customers worldwide in terms of data security, DIMO Maint, a subsidiary of DIMO Software, is committed to a global security approach and is in the process of obtaining the ISO 27 001 certification for information security which covers information and data accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity.

The fees for DIMO Maint MX include the systematic updates for each new version.

The DIMO Maint OM maintenance contract allows you to benefit from major and minor updates of the application.

The terms of engagement are defined by a hosting contract in Saas mode for the DIMO Maint MX solution and a license and maintenance contract for the DIMO Maint OM solution.

DIMO Maint offers you a complete catalog of services and training dedicated to all our CMMS solutions. We also offer training and consulting services to help you develop a perfect mastery over your maintenance activity.
We offer all the keys to the organization and management of modern maintenance.

When considering maintenance management software, the following formula can be used to calculate a company's return on investment:


Learn more about calculating the ROI of a CMMS project.

It is indeed possible to consider a rapid deployment completely remotely thanks to the Quick Start deployment mode.

Free yourself from time and budget constraints thanks to a quick implementation and the personalized assistance delivered by our customer support team.

The time required to set up a CMMS varies according to the scale of its deployment (functional needs, number of sites to be deployed, international context, interfaces to be provided, etc.).

With our Quick Start offer, we are able to start a project in less than 24 hours remotely.

There is a common mobile CMMS application for our solutions DIMO Maint OM and DIMO Maint MX.
Simple and user-friendly, DIMO Maint App reconciles the essential functionalities of the CMMS with the native functions of smartphones and tablets (voice recognition, photos, ...).

DIMO Maint App is a cross-platform hardware (smartphone, tablet) and software application (Android and iOS).

DIMO Maint App works in disconnected mode, ensuring permanent access to data and the possibility to continue working regardless of network coverage. Synchronization allows for a powerful and secure exchange of information.

The CMMS solutions offered by DIMO Maint integrate perfectly with your existing information systems (ERP, Supervision, MES, BMS / GTB, IoT, etc.) via connectors and web services.

DIMO Maint MX, equipped with an API (Application Programming Interface), offers its users significant flexibility owing to its ability to interact with other business solutions.

To improve your daily productivity and increase your operational performance, the DIMO Maint CMMS communicates easily and interfaces with all the applications of your information system, including:

  • Purchasing / Stocks: homogenize your internal procedures for purchases and stock management, by interfacing your DIMO Maint CMMS with the central purchasing system of your company (CAPM, E.R.P, accounting software, ...).
  • Supervision / M.E.S / G.T.C / G.T.B: get the readings (from counters, measurements, etc.) in real-time in the DIMO Maint CMMS to activate some of your preventive operations.
  • Time management / HR: improve the management of your maintenance personnel's schedules by integrating your existing HR data (attendance, absences).
  • Fixed assets: To follow up on the maintenance of your installations, the DIMO Maint CMMS allows the assets’ accounting and operational managers to dialogue within a common reference frame: financial valuation of the maintenance works (external or internal), reception and commissioning of the goods, internal movements, transfers, disposal, etc.
  • Repository systems: guarantee the homogeneity of repositories shared by the entire company (spare parts, suppliers, currencies, etc.) by setting up the necessary connections between the CMMS and the central information system.

The connection with an ERP is realized through the parameterization of one of our business connectors with an ERP such as SAGE X3, SAGE 100, MICROSOFT DYNAMICS, or by setting parameters from our library of API REST web-services or from our programming module for importing and exporting flat files.

The connection with supervision is done either through the configuration of one of our business connectors with PC VUE, or by setting parameters from our library of API REST web services or from our programming module of import and export of flat files.

The communication of IoT sensors with the CMMS relies on data collected and analyzed by supervision or predictive maintenance solutions. These solutions communicate with the CMMS via REST API web-services to generate a maintenance work order if necessary, for example if an asset shows state of wear and tear, abnormal measurement, risks of failure, etc.

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