CMMS solutions for multi-site organizations

Simplify the management of your maintenance activity with a CMMS solution
capable of managing multiple sites.

The needs for multi-site maintenance management for SMBs and large organizations

Following a takeover or significant external growth, companies often evolve into a multi-site, multi-company configuration. As a result, maintenance management can become very complex.

To simplify and standardize maintenance in this situation, a group CMMS, capable of managing multi-site or even multi-company, is essential. A CMMS software designed for multi-site management has many functionalities shared by the general management while keeping the possibility of having differences between entities. It can be easily integrated into the existing information system and is an essential management tool.

Medium-size and large organizations the needs of multi-site maintenance management

Harmonize your maintenance data between sites.

Transfer assets from one site to another

Share feedback on assets between sites .

Consult spare parts inventories of other sites and request transfers

Schedule maintenance work to be carried out at each site.

Consolidate performance indicators by building dynamic dashboards.

In a multi-country context, you will have needs specific to an international deployment such as the management of languages, time zones, or currencies.

A CMMS to unify and streamline maintenance management for multi-site organizations

Managing the maintenance of different sites means, above all, having to meet challenges such as the creation and use of a common data repository (for assets, items, suppliers, etc.), sharing of human and material resources, and joint management, among others. Deploying a CMMS solution designed for multisite management ensures that you:

Standardization of processes, data and work practices

CMMS solution designed for multisite management

Harmonization of work practices

Harmonize work practices

Smoother, faster and more reliable management

Rely on a faster, more fluid, and more reliable management (not reliant on paper forms or Excel tables)


Consolidation and provision of the main management indicators

Consolidate the main management indicators

Improved communication between departments and different sites

Improve communication between departments and sites

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduce maintenance costs

The2 CMMS solution trusted by multi-site organizations

Everything you need to know to manage your maintenance more effectively

DIMO Maint makes it easy for non-IT users to get started so that focus their attention back on their core business: maintenance.

Simplify your maintenance with our software designed for you!



Benefit from a simple and easy to use solution



Quick installation and set-up on-site



DIMO Maint adapts to the needs of multi-site organizations

Functions tailored to your business needs

Whether On-Premise or 100% Cloud, DIMO Maint CMMS is designed for you, economical, easy to use and quick to deploy:

cmms tailored to your needs
cmms tailored to your needs mobile

Choose the right CMMS software for multi-site maintenance management

Organize and facilitate the work of your maintenance department by automating your processes and digitalizing the management of your activity. Choosing a DIMO Maint CMMS solution, online or on-premise, ensures asset availability and reliability, increases operational efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs.


Take advantage of a very intuitive online CMMS solution to help you improve the management of your maintenance activity. With DIMO Maint MX, streamline your processes, from the management of maintenance to the management of stock to analyses of your activity via key indicators. Easy to deploy and simple to use, you will soon feel confident enough to extend the scale of your project internationally.


Take advantage of a user-friendly on-premise CMMS solution to organise and manage your maintenance activity efficiently. With DIMO Maint OM, you have an actual management solution for managing your assets, work orders, purchases, stock but also budgets and projects. You can start with a simple functions and evolve at your own pace and without additional costs.

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