CMMS solution for transportation and logistics

For transport & logistics businesses, the maintenance of your vehicle fleet and infrastructure is vital for customer satisfaction, carbon footprint, and optimal profitability.

CMMS in transport and logistics: a necessity for the maintenance department

Managing the maintenance of your fleet of vehicles, fixed assets, and infrastructure is not an easy task.
To meet the priorities of stakeholders in the transport and logistics sector, you must offer the best-operating conditions given the means at your disposal, guarantee users’ safety and satisfaction, ensure asset availability and compliance with legal regulations, and optimize costs…
Your technicians often have to travel long distances to take action. Any tool that would save them time would thus have a substantial impact.

Moreover, you would like to handle reports from drivers more efficiently and have better visibility into the mileage and consumption of your buses, for example.

Choosing a simple and intuitive CMMS is the best way to help you:

Transport and logistics for CMMS - a necessity for the maintenance department


all your internal and external maintenance activities



the activity of your fleet, equipment, and infrastructure



follow-up and compliance with regulations

follow up


and optimize costs

Improve the reliability and control of your vehicle and equipment maintenance management 

Make your vehicle and equipment fleet maintenance management more straightforward and reliable

The CMMS DIMO Maint is an ergonomic and simple solution to track the maintenance activity performed by internal and external providers in companies from the transport and logistics industry. Transportation and logistics companies need operational assets and easy-to-understand reports.

For technical teams, accessing the history of asset breakdown has never been easier. As for maintenance managers, the tool’s ergonomics make it easy to access analyses that provide quantified data on maintenance activity:

Provide easy access to the breakdown history

Track the availability of spare parts

Ensure the availability of the fleet of vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure

Enable managers to access numerical data

Avoid bottlenecks to production and control your assets’ life cycle

Improve the safety of your fleet

Manage the maintenance of each vehicle, machine, and equipment

Share some data repositories between different departments of your company

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Gain visibility into your vehicle fleet’s maintenance costs

Better tracking and understanding of your fleet’s maintenance costs will allow you to adopt best practices to reduce your operating expenses. Many factors influence maintenance costs, such as spare parts costs, labor costs, and vehicle operating conditions. When your fleet’s vehicles and equipment operate efficiently, they consume less fuel, and their life cycle is extended, improved, and optimized.

A good CMMS software is essential for you to have complete visibility into maintenance costs and keep them as low as possible:


Organize and visualize your maintenance fleet in an easy and intuitive way

Establish a schedule

Establish and follow a preventive maintenance schedule and regulations


Improve communication between all parties, including drivers, technicians, supervisors, etc.


Monitor vehicle consumption (fuel, tires, etc.) and manage spare parts


Ensure full traceability of maintenance operations


Improve the decision-making process for the renewal of vehicles, equipment

Maintenance and repair have economic and operational impacts. “Thanks to the monthly and yearly history provided by the CMMS, we can revise the maintenance plan and finetune our assets’ financial models.

Saif Ben Ammar, Director of Maintenance – Ravinala Airports

DIMO Maint, the CMMS for transport and logistics

The CMMS DIMO Maint solution meets the needs of maintenance management for transport and logistics infrastructures, thanks to many features:

  • Improve the availability and life cycle of vehicles, machinery, and equipment with better maintenance scheduling
  • Receive alerts on relevant indicators for your fleet (mileage, meters, etc.)
  • Generate detailed maintenance reports and optimize your fleet costs
  • Benefit from a CMMS accessible everywhere, thanks to Android and iOS mobility (and the integration of photos and QR Code)
The simplest CMMS solution dedicated to the management of your interventions
A CMMS integrated into the transport and logistics information system

CMMS integrated into the transport-logistics information system

To meet the needs of stakeholders in the transport-logistics sector regarding the management of their fleet and fixed installations, DIMO Maint offers CMMS solutions with complete interoperability with their existing information system.
Partnerships to enrich our offer for the transportation&logistics sector:

  • Notilus YourWay for fleet management software
  • ALX, TOKHEIM, LAFON: interface CMMS with your fuel management software

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Among our CMMS Transport and Logistics customers

  • Carrefour Supply Chain
  • Socara (E. Leclerc)
  • Hachette
  • FNAC
  • Weldom
  • TCAR
  • RDTL
  • RTD Haute Garonne
  • Trans Urban
  • Ravinala Airport
  • Cambodia Airports
  • Autonomous Port of Guadeloupe
  • CGN
  • Gabon Port Management
  • Autonomous Port of Brest

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