Why do you need a mobile CMMS for your organization?

Find out how mobile CMMS can help you solve major challenges by improving the management of your maintenance.

The mobility of maintenance agents has become a reality in companies, as their maintenance team needs to ensure reactivity, communication and productivity across work sites at all time.

This is why CMMS are evolving to meet new expectations. Nowadays maintenance jobs are faced with unprecedented challenges and operators must be equipped accordingly. We are convinced that if your maintenance activity requires mobility and modernization, our mobile CMMS is the best solution on the market for you and your technicians.


A mobile CMMS to simplify maintenance interventions for operators

mobile maintenance team

The job of maintenance technicians is clearly not an easy one, as they are constantly traveling to different locations. In instances like these, the lack of a mobile CMMS is twice as penalizing:

First of all, the maintenance agent loses time every time he has to manually report and document field data he has collected during the day. This inevitably leads to lesser reactivity for the entire maintenance team.

More importantly, humans are prone to error and there is thus an inherent risk that the entries are either erroneous or incomplete. And were the entries, in fact, perfect, paper-based reports can still be lost.

The objective of a mobile CMMS is quite simple: to streamline the work of the maintenance department, to in turn optimize productivity and assets’ follow-up. If you are familiar with the technician’s plight as described above, you have every reason to make the switch to a powerful mobile CMMS to improve the management of your maintenance teams and facilitate their interventions.


What is a mobile CMMS?

Mobile CMMS are an extension of CMMS made possible by technology. The proliferation of apps in recent years also influenced CMMS, and many CMMS solutions offer an App, to:

  • Report and process maintenance interventions;
  • Read indicators and measurements;
  • Directly manipulate the maintenance information system from a smartphone or tablet.

Now, your dubitative self might ask if mobile CMMS aren’t a simple fad, an app among many others, a funny little gadget to be quickly discarded after a short while.

In reality, mobility for business applications is part of a greater trend, aptly called the “appification” of applications, to denote the phenomenon of transferring applications from computers to smartphones and tablets.

Why are mobile CMMS indispensable?

mobile maintenance team If you intend to significantly increase your productivity and the efficiency of your maintenance department, then a mobile CMMS software is crucial. It is the solution most suited to meet your mobility and communication challenges, as it allows for:

  • The modernization of the maintenance activity for an improved performance;
  • Time saving thanks to fast and simplified data entry;
  • Improved traceability and transparency of information;
  • Support for your technician in all environments with the disconnected mode;
  • better communication and collaboration.

With this solution, communication is independent from location and instantaneous, which isn’t the case for paper-based maintenance, Excel files, or classic CMMS.

However, the maintenance agent sometimes has to intervene in areas with poor service. It is in this precise instance that the DIMO Maint mobile CMMS stands out from the competition, because the application remains accessible and functional even when there is no internet connection: data entered into the app will be automatically integrated into the database as soon as the application regains access to the internet.

Collaboration is, therefore, simplified and becomes a core strength of the maintenance activity. The mobile CMMS makes instantaneous data sharing for the entire department possible, and opens the door for technicians to access information relevant to their maintenance tasks, such as the history of interventions, or notes and photos previously documented by a collaborator.

In doing so, information becomes highly transparent and traceable, and, as a result, the service quality of the maintenance team is increased.

The new generation of mobile solutions also offers maintenance operators a complete set of various tools to improve interventions and asset management.

Mobile solutions, a core operational asset for maintenance management

It should be evident by now that mobile solutions best serve the interests of the maintenance team. For the maintenance department, CMMS also helps improve operational efficiency, as it enables:

  • The instantaneous entry of information into the database from anywhere and following a pre-set format. This simple functionality has a substantial impact, especially when it is contrasted with the deferred entry of intervention reports typical of immobile CMMS workstations. It greatly reduces the risks of untraced (forgotten) interventions, and guarantees more precise documentation, since, after all, it is easier to recall and restitute information immediately after the fact, rather than several hours or days later.


  • A better integration of field data, regarding maintenance reports, meter readings, inventories, etc., which increases information flow fluidity in the maintenance information system, and from thereon, in the global information system (purchasing, accounting…) as well.


  • The use of smartphone or tablet as an appealing work tool. These devices are modern, intuitive, faster, and require less time commitment for each single utilization (instead time consumption is more spread out across several uses). This is also the reason why Appification works. Compared to computer software and their highly specialized but somewhat intimidating functionalities, Apps offer just the essential features of a solution, and are designed to get users to start immediately and easily. Consequently, employees are more prone to actually adopt to solution, further improving data collection and their accuracy.



New-gen mobile CMMS to take on the challenges of Industry 4.0

In the face of new challenges from the industry of the future, mobile CMMS are also consistently evolving to stay as close as possible to the needs of maintenance departments. This is why we see the emergence of augmented reality solutions coupled with mobile ones.

For example, at DIMO Maint, we have partnered with the UBLEAM solution to facilitate the follow-up of your assets and improve your maintenance. Thanks to “Bleams” printed on your machines, all your equipment fleet can now be connected to the DIMO Maint solution and analyzed remotely. This may prove useful in the cases of equipment that are difficult to physically reach, since “Bleams” reading can be completed over long distances.

ubleam mobile

Therefore, by associating our mobile solution with augmented reality, you ensure the safety of your maintenance agents and enjoy better control over your machines’ data. You have now taken the most important steps on your way to significantly increase the productivity and profitability of your maintenance activity.

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