Preventive maintenance with DIMO Maint MX spearheads digital transformation at Rivadis

When the Rivadis laboratory decided to migrate to the DIMO Maint MX cloud solution, it significantly improved its preventive maintenance management as well as the mobility of its technicians to, in turn, optimize the operational efficiency of its activity.

Since 1971, Rivadis (184 employees, headquartered in Nantes) has been developing, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing cosmetic and disinfection products. Through its flagship brands Rivadouce, Auriège, and Milton, the laboratory offers hygiene and care products to medical-hospital establishments, the general public, pharmacies, and export markets, specifically China.

The ISO 9001, 14001, and GMP hygiene standards to which Rivadis is subject are increasingly similar to those of the pharmaceutical sector. The production site in Thouars, in the Deux-Sèvres region of France, also has to comply with numerous regulatory controls for electrical equipment, lifting equipment, and pressure equipment.

In this context, Romain Massé, maintenance manager, notes that our CMMS has helped him tremendously on tasks pertaining to preventive maintenance (equipment maintenance controls and regulatory checks) and overall improved management of the maintenance activity.

Maintenance for 5 production lines

rivadis bottle production Romain Massé is in charge of maintenance and hygiene at the Thouars site. In this capacity, he supervises maintenance activities for 3 units: manufacturing (piping, vats, automation, supervision), packaging (bottling in bulk, labeling, boxing), and shipping.

Production – via 5-ton, 3-ton, and 500-kg tanks – operates mainly in small batches over sequences of 2 to 7 hours for a wide range of products. Mr. Massé’s team consists of 4 people in maintenance, plus 2 in hygiene and a cleaning contractor.

Smooth migration from MM to MX

Mr. Massé was satisfied with DIMO Maint MM and the migration to DIMO Maint MX was a natural one.

« The implementation was seamless, with no data loss. I didn’t want to re-engineer the databases or change the way things were done. We received very good support from DIMO support, who advised us on best practices, and introduced new product features. We don’t have any connectors to other programs yet.

Eventually, we may have to develop a gateway to M3 to calculate OEEs, because the machine operating times are on the ERP. The maintenance operations are preventive and corrective while integrating continuous improvement and classic project management ».

Preventive measures are closely monitored

Romain Massé focuses largely on:

  • Equipment breakdown rates and troubleshooting, which constitute preventive maintenance,
  • Environmental safety with the creation of specific work orders to be carried out in priority.

He receives requests for interventions and assigns them to technicians according to their skills. He thus creates his workload plan and the technicians – who are autonomous – plan their activities accordingly.

« They can group together different requests, do preventive work or machine modifications, and communicate with the internal customer very easily. Once the maintenance work has been completed, I validate with the internal customer » explains Romain Massé.

rivadis laboratory technician

Cloud and mobility have increased operational efficiency

« The web module simplifies the process. The cloud enables a lot of things to happen internally thanks to WIFI connection, such as smart employee mobility. DIMO Maint MX was for us one of the first solutions to switch to the cloud. This digital transformation is increasing our operational efficiency » says Romain Massé.

« On the other hand, mobility is very much appreciated because it gives my technicians autonomy so that maintenance can be decompartmentalized, which is all the more important since we are a little far from the production area and there are few shuttles. We usually create the work order directly on-site while we check that the machine has restarted properly and the work order is immediately documented into the computer. This guarantees customer satisfaction, as the preventive maintenance order is signed directly on the smartphone. ».

Ergonomics of the CMMS solution

Inventory management is optimized: QR codes allow to scan spare parts and to have a real-time follow-up, without going back to the computer. The ergonomic interface is very appreciated by users, mostly because they can choose which column is displayed. « This way, technicians can easily filter their intervention requests ».

In the future, Romain Massé will tackle the development of machine indicators, machine life curves, and plant energy consumption by integrating autonomous meter readings, as environmental safety is a major concern of Rivadis.


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