Connecting your ERP to the CMMS: a winning strategy for SAGE X3 and DIMO Maint MX

Connecting an ERP to a dedicated CMMS solution has never been easier. DIMO Maint MX is now available on the South African SAGE marketplace.

DIMO Maint and Sage connect-data

The partnership with Sage will enable South-African companies that want to dematerialise their process to gain visibility over their general maintenance

Today, ERP is key in companies’ Information Systems. However, it does not have a real business module dedicated to maintenance. The ISD need not worry – setting up a cross-functional connector does not mean upsetting the whole organisation! ERP remains the master system. The key points cover the centralised management of stocks for raw materials and for spare parts. In this way, DIMO Maint only handles spare parts and other purchases are carried out via ERP. Procurement maintains its own workflow and the constraints relating to the company’s processes.


Combining two functions and providing significant customer benefits

integrated-cmms-benefits When procurement and maintenance are integrated in ERP, the CMMS must be able to fit efficiently and transparently in the overall processes, because the organisation will not have dual stock management.

The aim: to extend ERP’s functional scope by helping industrial companies increase their productivity and cost control.

The ERP-CMMS combo provides an overview of production equipment maintenance and costs via a unique repository that ensures the longevity of the company’s assets. This is an everyday decision-support tool that meets the expectations of a broad range of personnel including maintenance, production, procurement, methods, quality and finance.

Growing demand for Sage X3 in Africa and DIMO’s recognised presence in many sectors

Sage is very present on the African continent where the multinational reaches both local companies and groups. It is the ERP software we encounter most often, apart from Sage 100 and Sage 300, and the DIMO Maint export department estimates that nearly one out of every three projects concerns Sage X3. DIMO Maint is also present in Africa, in particular in industry, transport, mines and hotels.

We also know how to manage multi-site maintenance and adopt a ‘full cloud’ strategy. This is why we wanted to make ourselves more visible by consolidating a sales relationship via the Sage marketplace. This fruitful approach for both parties is likely to alert Sage ecosystem partners to the quality of our connector X3.

A renewed partnership for South Africa

DIMO Maint had already signed a partnership with this publisher in 2009 for its former DIMO Maint MM CMMS solutions. Instead of working on a case-by-case basis, a more lasting collaboration was signed as part of a shared approach. We are present in South Africa with our legacy DIMO Maint MM solutions and groups such as Total and Adient. We therefore offer them a new generation CMMS, DIMO Maint MX and support on accounts that do not have this solution.

DIMO Maint provides added value to the Sage offer in the sectors mentioned above, as well as service companies who may be likely to find a tool to manage costs and provide technical monitoring of their assets, with Sage managing the price and quote part.

The DIMO Maint offer is therefore visible via the Sage marketplace.


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