How to streamline maintenance work order management?

Keeping track of maintenance works on the field can quickly become a headache. This is where a mobile, simple, complete CMMS solution adapted to your organization will facilitate your daily life.

As a maintenance technician, you are constantly on the field and waste time looking for supporting information or resources for your maintenance work.
Gaining operational efficiency is possible with a CMMS solution, accessible anywhere and anytime!

How to simplify the management of maintenance interventions

Dematerialize work order management processes

The management of work requests is delicate when it is not centralized on a CMMS.

Hell is paved with Excel files – or even worse, paper files! – that drain productive time away from operators and leave them constantly running after fires. Under these conditions, technicians heavily prioritize speed, striving to be faster in the management of work requests, the planning of maintenance works, as well as in their resolution of the problems reported to the maintenance department.

Dematerialising the processes for managing maintenance interventions

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance seeks to anticipate or prevent all breakdowns and/or malfunctions.
You can schedule regular maintenance to avoid severe and expensive breakdowns down the line.

Corrective maintenance

The objective of corrective maintenance is to address machine or building failures.
The latter considerably impacts the normal operation of the production line, and the amount of time needed to resolve the technical issue often further adds to the problem. Consequently, this approach is less and less favored by companies who wish to optimize their maintenance.

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Predictive maintenance

Although it is heralded as the maintenance of the future, we are well aware that not all companies are ready to make the leap yet. Predictive maintenance is based on artificial intelligence software that complements our CMMS solution, analyzes asset data, and monitors risk factors to anticipate breakdowns.

Predictive maintenance

How will a cloud-based CMMS make your managerial work easier?

By equipping your company with a dematerialized CMMS fitting your actual needs, you are buying yourself more than just peace of mind and will finally be allowed to:

Reduce the response time of maintenance

Plan the implementation of predictive actions courses in your maintenance program

Capitalize on the reliability of various assets and facilities

Manage the human resources deployed on a maintenance work

Know the life cycle management of your assets

Set up periodic maintenance works to optimize maintenance

Improve field services management

As a maintenance technician, you know that unplanned, corrective maintenance take priority over field-level planned works.

To improve preventive work order management, you must first measure their completion rate.

For example, let’s take a typical week composed of 5 working days.

optimisation of the planning of interventions


2 tasks done out of the six preventive tasks planned

optimisation of the planning of interventions


5 tasks done out of the four preventive tasks planned (with one task from Monday)

optimisation of the planning of interventions


3 tasks done out of the five preventive tasks planned

optimisation of the planning of interventions


4 tasks done out of the six preventive tasks planned

optimisation of the planning of interventions


2 tasks done out of the five preventive tasks planned

To calculate the completion rate of your planned maintenance, you must divide the total number of completed tasks by the total number of planned preventive tasks, i.e. :

Ce chiffre vous indique que votre maintenance préventive a été efficace à hauteur de 61 % de ses objectifs pour cette semaine-type.

This number tells you that your preventive maintenance was effective for 61% of its objectives during that typical week.

achievement rate
Achievement Rate-mobile

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Why improve work order management?

By optimizing your maintenance with CMMS, you are improving your business by:


field-level works for maintenance technicians


the reactivity to corrective tasks


the productivity of the teams


the qualification of work orders


response times

The work request is forwarded through an email to its author to keep him apprised of its progression status, which is very appreciable.

Yves Bernard, operations manager in charge of production, maintenance, and quality,
La Compagnie des Saveurs – France

How can we improve work order management?

By using a mobile CMMS solution, you ensure better management of your field works with:

Optimized scheduling by grouping maintenance works from the same sector

Improved knowledge of the assets

Better access to comprehensive information about the assets

Consultation of the maintenance history of any asset

Diagnostic assistance in case of breakdown

Access to fault tree analysis

Simplify spare parts inventory management

As storage units are often far from the maintenance site, you spend many a back-and-forth to check spare parts’ availability. This is where our CMMS mobile application comes in, once you have centralized your maintenance management on the solution.



Simplify spare parts inventory management

How will the mobile app save you time

Extremely useful, a mobile CMMS application is the right answer to:

SIMPLIFY and facilitate field data entry by maintenance technician

STREAMLINE your inventory of available stock parts

ACCELERATE the flow of information to the CMMS

CONSULT from your mobile and the field, the parts’ availability

SCAN the items’ barcodes

SAVE time in your daily maintenance management

Ensuring personnel safety during maintenance works

According to a 2010 study, referenced by the INRS website, of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, maintenance operations accounted for 15 to 20% of all work-related accidents and 10 to 15% of fatal accidents in Europe in 2006.

Personnel safety during maintenance is currently a significant concern for companies.

Ensure the safety of maintenance interventions

Lowering risks through a CMMS

The use of a CMMS solution will considerably improve the working conditions of maintenance technicians and reduce risks by:

UNIFYING good practices regarding safety

COORDINATING machine stoppage and maintenance

IMPROVING preventive maintenance management

REDUCING the occurrence of dangerous and unsafe emergency maintenance that put technicians in “firefighter” mode

The simplest CMMS solution dedicated to managing your interventions

The simplest CMMS solution to manage your maintenance

The DIMO Maint CMMS is a dedicated and safe mobile application, directly accessible from your smartphone. It allows you to access all the information required for the good progression of your maintenance operations on the field.

DIMO Maint App is a solution accessible from anywhere, for everyone, including the less tech-savvy people.

Thanks to mobility solutions such as Cloud or App, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the interoperability between the CMMS and the existing information system (through SCADA, MES), maintenance technicians have instant access to machine data and their operating status.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge required to make the correct decisions, at the right time, with the best costs, simplify your preventive maintenance and gradually lower the proportion of corrective maintenance.

The CMMS helps our maintenance team save time by granting immediate access to work requests with all the information necessary for their proper execution, whereas, in the past, we relied on phone calls and email exchanges.

Thomas Addis, property manager at L’Incroyable – France

Why a mobile application makes it easier for the technician to manage work orders

  • Each technician can directly access information regarding the work assigned to him.
  • They know precisely what to do and are consequently better organized.
  • Obstacles to maintenance are immediately identified.
  • Technicians can quickly access all the asset’s maintenance history for faster repair.
    They can opt for voice recording to document their maintenance.
  • Similarly, they can take pictures of the machine and store them in the asset’s maintenance log for future maintenance.
Why does a mobile application facilitate the management of interventions by the technician?

A peek in the future of CMMS

Use of CONNECTED GLASSES for guidance while keeping your hands free

Digital identification of an asset thanks to Augmented Reality

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