Migrate to a next-generation CMMS

There are many reasons for your decision to move to a new CMMS: cost reduction, optimization, technological evolution…
After all, solution selection remains a critical part of your digitalization strategy!

Why upgrade your maintenance software?

You have a perfectly operational CMMS that is perhaps a little outdated. It fulfills its role with a certain number of functionalities but no longer brings any added value to your organization. You are therefore considering choosing a new CMMS to save time and money and streamline your business processes.

Why choose to upgrade your maintenance software

Feedback from our users has been very positive, and DIMO Maint is now fully integrated into the company’s practices. In the end, the CMMS is a supportive tool that meets all our needs. We can now efficiently coordinate our actions, whether about resources, contract alerts, inventory management, or purchasing.
This will enable us to anticipate the group’s growth as accurately as possible in terms of maintenance

Étienne Drufin, Biomedical Manager, – Cap Santé

Which latest generation CMMS solutions should you migrate to?

DIMO Maint has designed a series of new generation maintenance software to meet all your requirements in terms of ease of use, mobility, provision of an adapted and scalable functional scope, ease of deployment, interoperability with your current information system, and security of your data.
Feel free to head over to Which CMMS to choose? for more information and suggestions.

Online CMMS

Cloud-based CMMS

  • Available everywhere anytime
  • Automatic updates
  • No initial investment in IT infrastructure
  • Highly secure data hosting
Local CMMS

On-Premise CMMS

  • Installation on your servers
  • Local hosting of your data
  • Available without internet connection
  • Regular updates of the software to operate

Ask for a personalized demonstration

Learn more about the DIMO Maint new generation CMMS and take part in a personalized presentation remotely or on-site

upgrade your cmms to a new generation solution

Upgrade from an old CMMS to a new generation solution with peace of mind

Whether you are already a DIMO Maint customer on one of our former solutions (OptiMaint by ApiSoft, DIMO Maint MM) or a user of a solution developed by another editor, DIMO Maint has a long experience in migration project management

To help you quickly evolve towards your new CMMS application, DIMO Maint offers a personalized accompaniment that guarantees a harmonious deployment and the security of your data.

Discover services specifically designed to meet your requirements in terms of time-saving and efficiency in the operation of your maintenance database.


Each solution has its corresponding migration package!

FAQ: questions about migrating your CMMS

We guarantee the recovery and integration of your existing data into your new CMMS. We will be able to integrate into the application your data in Excel format (for the asset, spare parts, maintenance history, maintenance plan...)

The maintenance history of your old tools can also be recovered and integrated via our data import module.  

A migration project can last from a few days (2 to 4 days) to several weeks if the project requires reviewing, merging, reorganizing, or enriching previous data with new data requiring analysis, training, and validation workshops.

Migration costs depend on the type of support and the number of days required to move from the original solution to the new one.

It is possible to review the content, the number of users, and the nature of the licenses (web, mobile) when migrating to one of our new software.

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