How do you facilitate regulatory inspections with a CMMS?

Regulatory inspections guarantee the company’s safety, productivity and responsibility: the CMMS enables you to anticipate and facilitate their monitoring.

CMMS to monitor regulatory inspections and obligations in maintenance

The regulatory compliance of assets and their proper maintenance are essential in more than one respect. For the company, the aim is not only to comply with the legislation and satisfy the compulsory regulatory inspections. Perfectly compliant assets also enable you to avoid failures that may have heavy consequences in human and economic terms. A CMMS facilitates the preparation of inspections as well as the rapid correction of anomalies. It also enables you to gain efficiency and quality, and avoid missing any details.

The benefits of effective maintenance management

The importance of regulatory inspections and obligations for assets such as buildings

All employers must carry out regular inspections and maintenance and this involves many points of attention: electricity, fire protection, air circulation, lifts, doors and gates are just a few of the common regulatory maintenance topics. Added to this are specific standards in sectors such as health.

There are many periodical general inspections that require perfect traceability, and regulatory documents and reports must be stored throughout the asset’s life cycle.

Regulatory inspections and obligations in maintenance have implications for:

  • Safety: good maintenance is crucial to guarantee employees’ safety. Material deficiencies may cause accidents and put people and assets in danger.
  • Productivity: broken down machines or non-compliant buildings cause activity to stop. A significant financial loss and fall in competitiveness may be fatal to the company, in particular in very cut-throat sectors.
  • The company’s responsibility and criminal sanctions: a failure to observe legal obligations in terms of compliance may result in significant sanctions. The financial weight of this sanctions comes with moral responsibility for the company’s decision-maker, and considerable damage to brand image.


Carrying out and monitoring regulatory inspections and obligations in maintenance

Compulsory regulatory inspections of buildings for example take place under the supervision of a certified body or authorised technician and result in a comprehensive regulatory report. This reports lists all the non-conformities and anomalies. These points to correct must be taken into account rapidly to avoid anything being forgotten and establish compliance immediately.

In this way, the building operators must draw up a clear maintenance plan and put in place traceable actions that are easy to implement before and after the regulatory inspections. Compliance with standards will depend on the quality of this strategy, but it will also enable better preparation for future inspections. This virtuous circle will limit non-conformities and have a positive impact on the company’s productivity and image.

How is a CMMS an essential tool to ensure that regulatory inspections are monitored?

The CMMS plays a key role in proper preparation for audits and regulatory inspections, the solution enables you to prepare in every respect with the support of automation. Better documented, past work and regulatory inspection rapidly result in fixes and considerably reduce the share of risk.

To do so, the CMMS solutions takes charge of key tasks such as:

Listing assets

GMAO recensement des équipementsThe asset inventory is fully listed and categorised, as are the associated documents, from the user guide to the work plan, photos and procedures. The tree of these assets facilitates viewing and provides better knowledge of the inventory.


Asset identification

GMAO identification des équipementsThe detailed categorisation of assets enables you to immediately identify those you want to inspect and rapidly locate points of failure. The CMMS facilitates the consultation parts in the nomenclature, contracts and past work.

Alert system

GMAO alertesNotifications and planning are the key words of the CMMS, which contributes to comprehensive monitoring or regulatory maintenance tasks and immediate detection of non-conformities. Alerts are triggered in the event of variation and enable you to implement more preventive maintenance.


GMAO automatisationThe monitoring of regulatory inspections is assisted by the CMMS, which enables you to create comprehensive checklists and automatic work orders.

Traceability of operations

GMAO traçabilité des opérationsAll the operations relating to assets are identified in regular reports. The data is regularly listed and accessible rapidly accessible in compulsory regulatory inspections.

Dashboard and statistics

GMAO tableau de bord et statistiquesThe dashboard enables you to anticipate all the operations and view precise statistics. It sets a direction for the maintenance strategy and ensures excellent visibility over the inventory’s regulatory compliance.


The CMMS’s features therefore contribute to better preparation for compulsory regulatory building inspections, but the solution’s benefits go even further. By improving its regulatory monitoring and therefore its preventive maintenance, the company gains efficiency and improves its work environment, thereby generating value for its employees.

Finally, ensuring perfect regulatory compliance enables it to sustainably enhance its image and be successful in the long term.


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