CMMS solutions for health establishments

The range of DIMO Maint’s CMMS solutions is specifically designed to meet the needs to manage biomedical and technical equipment (buildings, technical installations…).


What are the issues for health etablishments ?

  • Manage the biomedical equipment by recording the alerts and reporting incidents
  • Carry out the physical inventories by bar codes of rooms, floors, buildings…
  • Manage the multi-technical operations (heating system, etc.) and those related to security of the building
  • Ensure the traceability of maintenance operations on the equipment
  • Manage the maintenance activity

CMMS serving the health establishments

  • Facilitate communication with the health care services through a portal for the work requests on equipment
  • Reduce the costs of breakdowns
  • Reduce the equipment and spare part procurement lead times
  • Reduce the operation time
  • Improve the monitoring of the preventive and regulatory maintenance
  • Increase the availability of the equipment
  • Improve the cost control and the monitoring of the subcontracting
  • Assist in the decision making and the renewal of equipment.