Mobile CMMS for hospitality

DIMO Maint CMMS solutions range of product is specially designed to hotel industry :

With more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality sector, and with international references, DIMO Maint Hospitality is a major player in hotel maintenance.

We offer to our customers solutions especially developed for their needs, with specific hotel content: models for preventive maintenance, check lists for your room inspections, job descriptions, etc. This key feature of our solution brings time savingsand enables you to master your hotel maintenance software in a very short time.

  • Multilingual solution (16 languages)
  • Mobile version for operators and requestors
  • Available in SaaS mode
  • Mobile devices

Create a Mobile Work Order Form in under 1 Minute!


What are the issues for hotel industry ?

By automating manual maintenance processes, you improve efficiency, cut operation costs, increase staff productivity, optimize asset management and hence deliver customer delight, effortlessly.

  • Manage facilities and equipments which are high valuable assets that need to be taken care of
  • Improve equipment and accomodation availability
  • Manage ressources more efficiently
  • Guarantee customers’ wellness and satisfaction
  • Providing preventive maintenance plan to take care of assets and technical equipments (laundry, laundrette, kitchen, healing system, A/C unit, garden, air treatment system, generator, etc.)
  • Recording equipment inventory by buildings, rooms, using bar-code.
  • Monitoring and managing multi-technical (healing system, etc.) and safety (regulatory…) operations.
  • Assisting decision-making and equipements renewal process.

CMMS serving hotel industry

Your technicians can  be reached anywhere in your hotel, thanks to our various mobile devices. Moreover, they can update their work orders from a smartphone or a tablet.

  • Service request management through an Intranet portal dedicated to the hotel staff (request from kitchens, maids, wellness areas…)
  • Technical assets and rooms management : carrying cost, attached files, criticity, photos, preventive and regulatory plan, traceability of works, counters, measures, etc.
  • Location of the hotel assets through functional and geographical tree structure
  • Internal and external work management linked to contracts : maintenance and service
  • Automated systematic maintenance management (regulatory, security, and technical actions)
  • Spare parts and consummables management
  • Technician planning management and conflicts management linked to worked orders and staff availability
  • Interface between stocks and purchases
  • Interface between counters / measures / alarms available with building management software (HONEYWELL, SIEMENS …)
  • Costs and budgets monitoring by hotel, building, floor, room, asset type family, etc.