Ski resort

CMMS solutions for ski resort

The range of DIMO Maint CMMS solutions is specifically designed to meet the needs for ski resorts to manage maintenance (ski lifts, vehicles, artificial snow, check rounds…).

Tastatur im Schnee

What are the issues for the management of ski resorts ?

  • Enhance the reliability and ensure the sustainability of the facilities : cable cars, chairlifts, snow guns, ice rinks, buildings, vehicle fleet, snow groomers, etc.
  • Increase the availability and the life cycle of the equipment
  • Monitor the regulatory controls
  • Control costs and ensure the profitability of the business
  • To give a sense of security to users : repair of breakdowns of ski lifts, ski trail maintenance, customer satisfaction, and even evacuation of ski areas in case of danger
  • Set the equipment depreciation like chairlifts over 20 to 30 years

CMMS serving the management of ski resorts

By ensuring the monitoring of the maintenance activity and of the subcontracts, DIMO Maint’s CMMS plays a key role regarding the service quality of maintenance and enables you to :

  • Structure the fleet of ski lifts in tree form
  • Identify and track all of the administrative, technical and regulatory data on each equipment record
  • Monitor the systematic maintenance recommended by the manufacturers and the legislation
  • Manage the winter corrective maintenance with big security and economic issues
  • Schedule the summer preventive maintenance, which is important and includes a great number of tasks
  • Capitalise on the repairs by archiving the breakdown history
  • Manage the spare parts references and the replenishment