CMMS for transport infrastructures

The DIMO Maint CMMS software has been specially designed to meet the needs of transport infrastructure management professionals (airports, ports, roads, motorways, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc.).


What are the issues for transport infrastructures professionals ?

  • Reduce environmental impacts and increase performance of infrastructures : environmental quality, compliance with standards and regulations,
  • Increase equipment reliability while maintaining an optimum safety level : ensure user safety and quality of service while ensuring rigorous equipment monitoring (multi-site),
  • Guarantee continuity of service,
  • Control costs and ensure activity profitability : precisely monitor budgets and infrastructure maintenance

CMMS serving Transport Infrastructures Professionals

As a guarantor of the facility safety and reliability, the DIMO Maint CMMS software has been specially designed to enable transport infrastructure management professionals to :

  • List and locate equipment in tree-view form,
  • Manage corrective maintenance,
  • Provide preventive maintenance and follow-up of regulatory servicing operations,
  • Optimise the coordination of material and human resources,
  • Trace servicing operations and on-going or completed work,
  • Extract extremely precise statistics : most frequent failures, time spent per technician and per type of equipment, number of servicing operations, etc.