CMMS solutions for hydrocarbon sector

The DIMO Maint range of CMMS solutions has been specifically designed to meet the needs of hydrocarbon sector professionals.


What are issues for hydrocarbon sector professionals ?

  • Reduce their environmental impacts and to increase the efficiency of their infrastructures : environmental quality, compliance with standards and regulations
  • Increase equipment reliability
  • Control costs and ensure that their activity remains profitable : maintenance cost monitoring and budget estimates
  • Manage hydrocarbon stocks, flow rates and consumption
  • Provide technical ratios (breakdown rates, calculation of the MTBF)
  • Certify the maintenance of equipment important to safety in order to ensure that regulatory safety obligations.

CMMS serving hydrocarbon sector

As a guarantor of the upkeep of infrastructure performance, DIMO Maint CMMS software plays a key role in the quality and continuity of the service rendered :

  • Possess a complete, precise and openended tree-view of equipment and locations on the site(s) (whether remote or not)
  • List and monitor all administrative, technical and regulatory data
  • Management of work requests
  • Trace all incidents and capitalize on experience acquired from previous servicing operations
  • Corrective and Preventive maintenance
  • Manage provider contracts, monitor their work and assess suppliers
  • Management of spare parts and stock
  • Dashboards and analysis : failure rate, unavailability level