CMMS solutions for food and beverage industry

The range of DIMO Maint’s CMMS solutions is specifically designed to meet the need for food processing industries to computerise their maintenance activities and to face the quality requirements and the European and international regulatory constraints (IFS – International Food Standard, BRC in Great Britain).

" Dacci oggi il nostro computer quotidiano "

What are the issues for food and beverage industry ?

  • Ensure the hygiene, the safety and the traceability of food
  • Certify the quality of food
  • Have access to the best practices in the processes, the quality organisation (HACCP) and the control of risks

CMMS serving food and beverage industry

  • View, organise, schedule and execute the management of the maintenance of their production tool, to all stages and critical points of the food processing chain
  • Centralise in a single repository a detailed description of all equipment for the production line and of all related operations, especially regarding the compliance with the procedures
  • Schedule an efficient maintenance, in order to reduce the risk of breakdowns, remove the production shutdowns and increase productivity so the competitiveness
  • Ensure the preventive maintenance
  • Manage the diagnostics
  • Manage the criticality analysis